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My mother was a wonderful lady. Bright, caring, loving, and so much more. She was a mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, mother-in-law, and probably her favorite role of all….a grandmother! If you’ve been wondering why my presence at Let It Roll hasn’t been 100% since we moved to The Arts Factory in September, things might […]

Animal Chan Podcast with Carroll

Animal Chan’s first podcast is with Mike Carroll. If you have an hour and twenty minutes to kill and want to nerd out on skate lore…..take a listen. It’s good! Click the pic of Carroll to enjoy!



Let It Roll / PHXAM Webisode

the following video is from our recent trip out to Phoenix. Specifically to enter PHXAM, but of course in true skateboarder fashion….there sure was some great buffoonery along the way.  We hope you enjoy this Webisode, and more importantly try and have some fun out there. LET IT ROLL /image


Click the picture to be magically transported to YouTube to check the Webisode.



Next weekend myself along with various members of Let It Roll will be embarking to Phoenix, AZ for the Cowtown PHXAM contest.  We have three of our dudes entering : Frankie Decker, Andrew ‘Tinky’ Tomich, and Nick Michel aka Boy Wonder.  It should be fun, and interesting of course.  I’m looking forward to spending time […]

Moving on…….Down(stairs)

So last week I thought we were going to try and release some new LIR / shirts…..boy was I wrong! Instead I’ve been in the process of getting things ready to move downstairs. Yep people…..we’re moving again! But don’t worry this is the last time. I promise. It was always our intention of moving downstairs […]




Our good friend, Andrew Dwyer, has a local clothing brand called Guinn. And yes, If you live in Las Vegas you might think to yourself…..Kenny Guinn?  You ARE correct! Andrew grew up skating there, hence the name. Anyways, Andrew has gifted us with some FREE shirts to give out. All you have to do is […]


JOSH WHEAT / Hurry Up And Wait

Josh Wheat put in some work to get the last part in Hurry Up And Wait.  I think we spent almost as much time trying to figure out his music too!  And no, I’m not being sarcastic….that’s the truth people!